Vittorio Sgarbi flirts with Caterina Balivo live, but she rejects him as well

Vittorio Sgarbi, no brakes today to ‘Come to me’. Host Caterina Balivo in today’s episode, the art expert has thought good to make some (ironic but insistent) advances to the presenter, that has replicated to the tone.

Married in 2014 with Guido Maria Brera, by which he had children Cora and Alberto Maria, Catherine, not long to find itself unprepared to face the provocations of the art critic. “Your husband, you married in the church?”, the he asked him. “No, he was already married”, the response of the host. “I would go right for you, then,” he prodded Sgarbi. “Let us go forward”, he annotated smiling Catherine, taking off from the obstacle.

But the critic did not give up. During a chat about his achievements in love, in fact, the Bailiff showed the public the “heirloom” of his white shirt full of “casts” of the lipstick. And it is here that Sgarbi has taken the ball for the succession of the new Governor. “You can kiss my shirt if you want,” he said, opening the jacket. But even in this case, the presenter has left to run.

Finally, shortly before the end of his hosts, and the most recent dig to Catherine: “You have a husband ‘used’, had already had another wife”, he said. And she, ironic as usual: “it was necessary to do the tests.”