Walker Texas Ranger is back : find out who will replace Chuck Norris

In the 1990s, Chuck Norris was the hero of the series Walker Texas Ranger. A program that should be coming back soon, but without the headliner. And the actor chosen to replace him is surprising.

In Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris played the sergeant Cordell Walker, a martial arts champion, in fact, decided to uphold the american values to the most mangy leaves to use force. 19 years after the end of the series, Walker Texas Ranger is about to make its grand return as announced by Allociné. A reboot signed Anne Fricke, which will be broadcast on the american channel The CW but that will be without the legendary Chuck Norris. Only remained to know who would endorse the role of the star of the action cinema.

Jared Padalecki as a hero

This is none other than Jared Padalecki, who has caught the eye of producer and screenwriter hired to revive the program. For those who don’t know his name, the actor of 37 years is mainly known for the role of Sam Winchester that he has won in the series Supernaturalou Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls.

Side cinema, it is shown in a dime a dozen, A day in New York alongside the Olsen twins, The House of wax with Paris Hilton and Friday the 13th. Not sure that the information is very well received by fans of Walker Texas Ranger. It must be said that in eight years of broadcasting, Chuck Norris has had ample time to put the bar very high. To Jared Padalecki from the challenge…

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