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Wanda Nara: Leukemia diagnosis uncertain on Instagram

Wanda Nara Clears Things Up

Wanda Nara has had enough of the indiscretions about her health that have been spread by the Argentine media, and has decided to clear things up herself, with a message on her Instagram account. Last Wednesday, in fact, the wife and agent of Galatasaray footballer Mauro Icardi, after feeling unwell, had been admitted to a hospital in Buenos Aires to undergo a series of tests.

No Diagnosis Yet

According to the media, Wanda Nara would suffer from an inflammation of the spleen and a significant anomaly in the white blood cells, symptoms that suggest leukemia. However, no doctor had yet made this diagnosis when the newspapers talked about it, as the entrepreneur and Icardi’s agent explained on her social media: “Good morning everyone, I’m here after some days that I needed for myself and I want to tell you a little bit about what happened. On Wednesday I decided on my own to do a routine analysis, as I usually do every time I travel or once a year. Some values went wrong and I made the decision to be admitted to integrate with other checks that went well,” she writes.

Protecting Her Children

Meanwhile, someone had already spread the news of her alleged illness: “Unfortunately on Friday a journalist had confirmation of a diagnosis that I myself did not have,” writes Wanda Nara, pointing the finger at the intrusion of the Argentine media. “Medicine is not exact and at that moment not even 24 hours had passed from my first exam. My children have always found out everything from me, I have always talked to them and this would not have been the exception. But I would have chosen to do it with more results and studies in hand and above all with my own times.” And again: “I thank my family, every friend and each one of you for showing me the love you have for me. I’m already at home, waiting for further tests and following the indications of the professionals who accompany me. I will keep the results private especially to protect my children.”



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