What cutting will do as soon as it will be when the emergency was over coronavirus?

#ioescodicasa. We can’t wait to post it with this hashtag. We all stuck there, in the tip of the keyboard. That day is coming, we are sure. In the meantime, cosmetically speaking, we took care of ourselves under every point of view. Of the hair in a particular way. Nutrient masks, aggiustatine to bangs, new color, pleated moves, so we try a little’ all. Satisfied? Better to “settle”, it is more correct to say in these cases. What is certain is that, once they return to normal, the escape from the hair of confidence, don’t take anyone.

Which will be “the hairlook of the shot”? The hairstylist, expect a large wave of helmets, a cut that from the years ’20 does not cease to dictate trend “for its shape, practicality but especially for its length that is not afraid of the future“, explains Dario Manzan and Carlo di Donato, Artistic Directors Mitù for Wella. But what will be the lines the most glamorous to keep an eye on? The counsel of the hairstylist.

“It is a cut that lends itself to different styling: curly, smooth or with waves. The important thing is not to overdo it with the volumes. You can also personalize with brooches jewel, stops hair with rhinestones, which we use a lot, for the time being. The important thing is not to overdo it with the volumes, more narrow than the typical bob the ’60s, especially if you speak of the waves that still need to be broad and less precise”.

“The short bob is a cut that favors both the smooth and the hedgehog, for this is always in the trend. As for the hedgehog just destrutturarlo, increase the scaling so as to create geometric volumes. For a smooth enough scale, less so to create movement, but not too much”.

“The review of our cut for the spring-summer collection 2020 is very special, in the sense that at first sight may seem a simple helmet but the inside has a texture of different shapes that allow you to enhance the drying, which is smooth, soft, or curly, creating volumes, very innovative. We have worked with some of the techniques of cutting the inside of the helmet create geometric shapes details that emphasize the different types of style made.

“Of course the helmet is beautiful both with bangs and without, the thing to consider is the shape of the face, in fact, not all of the faces, prefer a fringe, well-defined, in this case you opt for a tuft on the side or a fringe, not the thick, cut to the centre front, and not wide of the eyebrow, so that even with a central line may seem like a tuft disheveled”.

“A cut is very versatile, even in this case you can play with colors and geometric, creating a spot of light on certain points in particular, as well as the effects of shades. In our staining for the spring / summer collection we used a mix of techniques: we made small rectangles to create points of light and enhance the face of the model and at the same time the fringe that we have made. In addition, we used a technique of shades, very light on the lengths to emphasize the concept of cutting which talked about before”.