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What happened to Mari Cruz Soriano, legendary TV presenter?

The 17-year-old Mari Cruz who started her career

M.C.S.: Everything. The same enthusiasm and the same energy, I am very good with those two things. Unfortunately, I also keep one of my great defects, which is impatience, because since I am hyperactive, I like everything to be fast. And in my day to day I have a lot of mental and physical activity. I keep myself well, I read a lot, I study. In short, I am a young girl if I look inside. I would like to return to television with a very dynamic interview program.

Dreams of a Teenager

P.: And what did you dream of when you were a teenager and studying in a boarding school? M.C.S.: I was born in the Basque town of Portugalete, but I was very clear that in the future I would leave there. At 14 I told my mother that I would not stay, that my dream was to work in the south, in Madrid.

A Star is Born

P.: And you ended up leaving to present ‘Gente hoy’. M.C.S.: Yes, the reporter who had a tape recorder hanging from her shoulder, in just three months, became a television star. I was earning a lot of money and I could fulfill one of my life dreams: buy a sailboat. Mari Cruz loves to do interviews.

The Piano and Beyond

P.: You are also a great pianist. M.C.S.: Yes, I really like to play the piano. I studied at the Conservatory of Bilbao until I was 16 years old. Since then I have always played, and now I have a piano at home.



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