What’s going on between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian?

A long distance relationship. This would be able to digest Kim Kardashian when she arrived in Wyoming. The starlets, who at the beginning of August has reached Kanye West in the Western United States, would have consented to see the husband to establish his residence between the two ranch purchased in the course of the years. The rapper, married in 2014, in Florence, he decided not to return to Los Angeles, where the wife was happy to return Tuesday. “Traveling with four children is not easy,” explained an anonymous source to People, noting, “Kim still seems to focus on trying to work out her marriage.

Is rather reserved about his plans for the future, but for now it seems the fit that Kanye continue to live in Wyoming. Decided to go ahead with the plans for his presidential campaign and no one can make him change his mind, “continued the source, without anything to reveal about the reasons that would have caused tensions between the two.

Kanye West seems to have a rage to his wife for the first time when he decided, arbitrarily, to blurt out online details about his marital life, the choice to have children through a surrogate mother, marriage and its dynamics. Then, Kim Kardashian would have consented to forgive him, justifying the mistakes of the husband as the result of the bipolar disorder from which it would be affection. The same noise would have played a decisive role in the decision of the rapper to run for the presidency of the United States. “Kim wants to do everything in his power to save the marriage,” she said then, ” a source close to the reality star. That, however, would have used the illness of her husband as a decoy.

In fact, it seems that the crisis between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have very different roots. After four children and a marriage celebrated six years ago, the two could simply be arrived at terminus.