Who is Angelina Lacour, the sweetheart Ball Ebbasta

Ball Ebbasta is far from immune to the charms of the breathtaking curves, as shown in the sensual girlfriend who is on the side, from the summer of 2019. The young man who is accompanied by the star of the trap is Angelina Lacour: a physicist scream and a series of photos ultra sensual on Instagram are the visiting card of the girl, professional model. A new bombshell after flirting with Taylor Mega, 2018.

Who is Angelina Lacour: age, height and profile Instagram

Angelina Fiol Lacour is the full name of the girl. Born on 31 may 1995 in Argentina, has lived between Paris, Ibiza and Milan. Angelina is tall 170 cm, and on Instagram it looks with the profile on “who.is.angelina,” which has over 100k followers. She and Ball Ebbasta would be known in Ibiza. For now, we have very little information on Lacour, who, however, has all the cards in rule to talk about a lot of the self in the near future.

Ball Ebbasta X Factor judge

The century Jonathan Groves, Ball Ebbasta has established himself as one of the superstars of the contemporary music scene, in the net of controversy, demonstrations against him after the infamous episode of Corinaldo (l’December 8, 2018, in a nightclub you would have had to perform with a dj set has been unleashed in the chaos after that some unknown persons have sprayed pepper spray, causing a mass exodus that led to the death of six people). Its popularity is flourishing even in television thanks to her role as judge on the X Factor in 2019, at the side of Mara Maionchi, Samuel of Subsonica and Malika Ayane. Leading the team Under the Woman, the Ball is doing the talking for the character fumantino, which has led to a little scuffle with the host, Mika, and a quarrel with the Ayane with a lot of blunders.