Who is Claudia Maria Capellini, the girlfriend of Giorgio Panariello that looks like this Belén Rodriguez

Giorgio Panariello is happily engaged for some years with a girl named Claudia Maria Capellini. Between you and the tuscan comedian, class of 1960, there are well-25-year age difference. The distance master is inevitably talk of the gossip world, together with the fact that the young, sometimes paparazzi with Panariello, has an obvious similarity with Belen Rodriguez. Panariello and his girlfriend, however, tend to be just the gossip and live their love story away from the spotlight.

Who is Claudia Maria Capellini

Claudia Maria Capellini was born 16 march 1985 and is a native of Cremona. For many years now, lives in Milan, where she attended Iulm University and has worked as a model and PR for many of the locals of the capital of lombardy. On Instagram, has about 18 thousand followers. She and Panariello would have met during a dinner between friends and their relationship is born in 2017. The couple has a delightful little dog, a chihuaha named Pocky.

Giorgio Panariello on Claudia Maria Capellini

Giorgio Panariello and Claudia Maria Capellini are very discrete and do not show ever on social. Even though she follows him in his shows all around Italy, living in a relationship is decidedly reserved, and he spoke of you only in rare occasions. One of these dates back to November 2019 when Panariello was a guest of Mara Venier a Sunday, and he described his relationship with the companion as a link healthfully and without crisis, without renouncing a bit of self-irony: “we’re good together. It is often said ‘high and low’, instead, up to this moment, fortunately, we only had high, too, because she is the most high, and the fact that she is the most high gives me the sense of high. If it is family? We can say yes, it is family, I’m really happy, I feel good, very good, and I am very happy”.