Who is Joachim Her-Forget, the member who has relayed videos sex attributed to Benjamin Griveaux ?

Joachim Sound-Forget, member of parliament and former member of The Republic in march, has relayed on his Twitter account an article on Benjamin Griveaux. We would see the one who is a candidate in the local elections in Paris masturbate and exchange messages with another woman, even if these images have not been authenticated.

We are talking about him good or bad, the key is that we are talking about. This is the credo that seems to be Joachim Her-Forget, member of parliament non-registered French in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Previously affiliated with The Republic in march, he was able to get noticed with Emmanuel Macron. In 2016, this doctor specialist of the brain and researcher, living in Switzerland, had brought the movement In motion with expatriates from what is now his constituency. The two men appreciate to such an extent that the head of State would have said of him : ” He is a great guy, close to genius “, reported by France Inter. But, tempered Roland Lescure, then a deputy of the French from abroad, ” he let himself be carried away by the euphoria of his election.”

Because the man wants to be heard. And for that, he does not hesitate to use the social networks. In 2018, he had attacked Esther Benbassa, a senator Europe Ecology – The Greens, criticizing her makeup. He had then been pinned to his remarks sexist, and called to order by Gilles, The Son-in-law. He had also defended the controversial Marcel Campion or had attacked Donald Trump, treating of ” gâteux “. In order not to be sanctioned by the group LaREM in the national Assembly, it had resigned before close of IDU-Act. He eventually left the group in December 2019 and is now in the non-registered.

Joachim Sound-Forget presidential candidate in 2022

This is very close to Alexander Benalla, aged 37, had announced this Wednesday, February 12, in Key not at my post as it was for the presidential election of 2022. In 2019, for the European, he had created his movement – I Am French and European (initials JSF which is not without reminding us of the power of Emmanuel Macron), which he has since renamed Absolute Value.

This Thursday, February 13, he had relayed a article, ensuring that Benjamin Griveaux had sent videos of a pornographic nature to women. Videos that have currently not been authenticated. It was, however, confirmed in a tweet his support for the candidate, who has announced this morning that it was withdrawing from the campaign of the municipal in Paris. The member is, for its part justified, without ever questioning them.