Who is Peter Of the Flat, the boyfriend of Antonella Elia and her future husband

The news of the marriage between Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane was a glimpse of an unexpected in the love life of a showgirl, which is usually very discreet about his private. Inevitable curiosity on the future husband, he also a character inserted in the world of the show. Let’s learn more about the actor from calabria who has captured the heart of Elijah, and who will pronounce the fateful yes.

The career of Pietro Delle Piane

He was born in italy in 1974, Pietro Delle Piane lives in Rome since 1998, where he attended the school of acting and diction directed by Fioretta Mari. He has starred in several theatre productions, including “Jelly human”, inspired by some tracks from “Crime and punishment”. Are several of its holdings to the tv series and serials: we remember at least “The good pope”, “Salvo D’acquisto”, “Quo vadis baby?”, “A place in the sun”, “Il giudice Mastrangelo”, “Spell”, “The case of Enzo Tortora”, “Boris Giuliano,” The Commissioner Montalbano – protection network”. Among his films we remember, however, “The monsters today”, “The Binge” by Mimmo Calopresti, “Odi et Amo”. Delle Piane is also a singer and has written and directed a short film, “5 minutes” and is also the pilot of motorcycling.

Love with Antonella Elia

Pietro Delle Piane asked Antonella Elia to marry him in a restaurant in Rome (a romantic scene immortalized on Those), after about a year of relationship. The two met in 2018 through common friends and since then are inseparable, to the events and on social. The age difference does not scare them (she’s 11 years older than him) and the cute showgirl turin seems to have found a great love after the end of the long relationship with her previous boyfriend, Fabiano Petricone. It remains to formalize the date of the marriage.