Who is Silvia the Measure, the former of the Island and the X Factor that he had a daughter by George De Stefano

Was the 2012 and Silvia See to it, young and delicious elfetto by the short hair, the expression child, and the powerful voice, was debuting on tv on the X Factor. Yes, because the companion of Giorgio De Stefano, who was arrested today following an investigation of the procura antimafia of Reggio Calabria, has always had a passion for singing. Together with his sister Giulia form the duo Le Donatella. Both are artists, both established. The public knows them as a group and individually. Fewer are those who remember when, eight years ago, Silvia and Giulia See were the Provs Destination, the duo of young artists in search of fortune and success.

Career in tv: from X Factor to the Island of the famous and Big Brother Vip

It was Arisa chose to X Factor and she always changed the name of the group that, from that moment on, he became Donatella. On X Factor they do not find the victory, and are dropped half-way with the 54,70% of the votes. But neither is willing to surrender. These are the first years of activity for Donatella, the music is the only field of common interest to the two twins. Affect different individual, one even become the soundtrack of a famous commercial for Maxibon broadcast in Italy and Spain but is the 2015, to give the two the popularity. Participate in the pair on the reality show the Island of the famous, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi. At a very young age, you stand out compared to the rest of the group for the sympathy, fresh, never over the top. Both are even more similar to the irresistible goblins and dedication to the sexy bombs and would become a few years later. Win the reality show and Italy began to be passionate about their path.

The encounter with Fabrizio Corona, the prison and the separation

Back in Italy, began in the bathroom of the popularity of Silvia and julia. The public loves them. Meanwhile, rose, both are beautiful, a fact now became evident. October 2015 pose for the magazine Playboy. Taking the photos is Fabrizio Corona: with Silvia is love at first sight. Begins between the two a tormented love story often lived on the front pages of Italian magazines. They are together, leave, return neighbors: all at the speed of light. Then Fabrizio Corona was arrested and Silvia decides to stay at his side. Joins him in the prison, helps him to recover the relationship with his loved ones, leads him to promise that would change once he had returned to his life. But when z returns to free the two begin to argue, until they can leave just before the entrance of both the twins in the House of Big Brother Vip.

The encounter with Giorgio De Stefano and the Big Brother Vip

A few weeks from the entrance in the House of Big Brother Vip, Silvia knows Giorgio De Stefano, alias “Malefix”. Don’t talk about it openly in the tv, it refers to the man who returned them to the beating of the heart, using only his nickname. In the House reviewing Fabrizio, the protagonist of a raid surprise that culminates in the memorable quarrel with Ilary Blasi, but the heart of the young artist is already elsewhere. Exit from the House, it deepens the relationship with De Stefano. The link becomes important to push the two to choose to become parents. Nicole, the first child of the couple, arrives in June 2020. A few days after the birth, for De Stefano, the son of the powerful boss Paolo De Stefano, the doors of the prison. The charges are very heavy, the road to Silvia is once again on the climb.