Who is Susanna Biondo, the wife of Fiorello, who works for the cinema


Susanna Biondo is the wife of Rosario Fiorello, known in 1996 and married in 2003 in a ceremony attended by only 17 guests. Class of 1965, he met the popular conductor at the time that he led a Good Sunday and had already become the number one showman. Before you know it, the Rosary came from reports from gravure lived with girlfriends of the likes of Anna Falchi and Luana Colussi. Susanna has marked the return to normality: “If today I went back to be a normal man, if I knew that the social life is to be lived only when it is strictly necessary, if I learned how to balance my life by distinguishing sharply between the world of the spectacle and everyday life, I have to say thanks only to Susanna”.

Who is Susanna Biondo, the wife of Rosario Fiorello

Susanna had already experienced a serious relationship before knowing Fiorello, the one with Edward the Head, an entrepreneur from whom he had his daughter Olivia. She graduated in Economics and Commerce, he worked in the company founded by his father that takes care of dubbing and post-production of films. He has known popular presenter while she was at the peak of his career. It was 1996, and the wedding would come 7 years later, on June 14, 2003. A ceremony reserved, celebrated in the presence of a few intimate friends. “This moment is only ours, please keep. Then I promise you that we will do a photo” churches in the North to the photographers stationed outside the deconsecrated church of Caracalla, where it was celebrated in a civil ceremony. Enrico Gasbarra, deputy mayor, and friend of the bridegroom who was officiating the ceremony, said: “They asked to be last so as not to disturb the other couples. He was excited, a sweetness unexpected”. Angelica, the second daughter of Susanna, the first child for Fiorello, would have been born in 2006. Fundamental to Fiorello in life, Susanna has been at the same time, lighthouse vocational. To recognize it, even Bibi Ballandi, television producer that he knew he had to address to you for the really important things.

Susanna Biondo in Sanremo to support her husband Fiorello

“He has a strong character, knows how to say the right words at the right time. And if it makes me a compliment, it is not to the dungeons, or why is obscured by love, not afraid to point out the things about me that you don’t like,” said her husband, the Rosary, celebrating the foresight and the critical spirit. A relationship lived on a plane of equality, which is fundamental to both. How crucial is the presence of Susanna in Sanremo, in a row, the prized of the audience that will witness the return of Fiorello at the Ariston.


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