Who is the handsome guy with blue eyes with Raoul Bova? His nephew, Matthias Bova

Who is that handsome young man with blue eyes close to Raoul Bova? This is a question that many of you will be watching one of the latest photos posted by the well-known roman actor, which shows in the company of a brave young man named Matthias, as we can deduce from the tags that are next to the shutter. The surname of the guy is deceptive, at first glance, someone thought that it was one of the sons of actor, but in reality it is of his nephew, the son of Tiziana Bova.

Who is Mattia Bova?

Big eyes and the color of the sea, dazzling smile, and impeccable shape, so is Matthias that looks good for nothing next to his uncle, always a sex symbol of the cinema and tv, which on its part does not hesitate to share the happiness in spending time beside one another: “What a beautiful day we spent together,” he writes, in fact, the actor. Raoul Bova is certainly not usually post photos with members of his family, even his sons Francesco and Alessandro, in fact, appear very little on its social profiles. And yet this beautiful boy is certainly not gone unnoticed, and the comments under the shot were a lot of users wondered exactly who was this mysterious Matthias. Grew up in Rome is usually also attend the area of Roccella Jonica, in Calabria, where the family originated, Raoul Bova, as the father of the well-known face of tv is born in the calabrian village.

What a beautiful day spent together.tvb @mattia_bova26 🤗

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A family of artists

The son of Tiziana Bova, sister of the actor, the guy is only twenty years, show you have taken the mold of the family of origin and it is not excluded that it can also take him to a career in the entertainment world. What, indeed, had began another component of Bova, or the beautiful Beatrice Faenza, which often appears even in the photos with Matthias. This is the daughter of Daniela Bova, the other sister of the actor. Class of 1998, look languid and perfect features, the 22-year-old had taken part in a film “on Friday, December 30” in 2016.

Their❤️and nothing more…

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The investigations for tax evasion

The sister of Raoul Bova, Daniela, was at the center of a judicial investigation for tax evasion, when there appeared as the owner of the company “Sammarco” behind the creation of some of fiction, some of which I was the protagonist own the roman actor. Together with his sister, the ex-wife of actor, Chiara Giordano, was investigated. The facts date back to 2013, the year of production of the fiction “Like a Dolphin”, even if only a few years later the processes have come to an end, and both of the owners for a long period of the company that has taken care of the image rights of the blockbuster Italian film, arrived at the settlement with a penalty, respectively, six and eight months of imprisonment with the accusation of tax evasion.