Who is the mother of Elodie, Claudia Marthe Mitai: that the work and the relationship with the singer

One of the most loved pop star on the Italian scene, Elodie Di Patrizi often likes to tell his family history: half Italian and half caribbean, she grew up in a popular district of Rome, the not easy to the township of Quartaccio. Let’s find out who the mother is Claudia Marthe Mitai, who often appears with her in the photos and social, and looks so impressive.

Who is Claudia Marthe Mitai

Born in 1967, Claudia Marthe is creole and is a native of Guadeloupe, a small island nation of the Antilles is an overseas territory of France. Active on Instagram, is a visual artist specializing in paintings very special, made with the technique of collage. “The relationship with my mother has changed a lot in the time, she is very exuberant, is from a different culture,” featured in the 2017 Elodie, growing up in a family “special” compared to the common standard: if the father Roberto Di Patrizi for a period of time was a street artist, a mother, Claudia has made the model and cubist. The future singer is struggling to accept this task: ironically, however, when moved to Puglia, Elodie worked for a period of time, such as cubist: “At 19 years old I went to live in Lecce”, he said, “I made the cubist years. Fate is having fun. It was the job that made my mother and when I found out I have inca**ata. I thought it was not good.”

The daughters and divorce

In addition to Elodie, Roberto Di Patrizi and Claudia Marthe Mitai have had another daughter, named Fey, who works in a local of Rome, and in the past has played football (also in Latium). Unfortunately, the parents of the two girls divorced when they were still girls. “My wife and I decided to leave”, he told him at the time of the participation of Elodie Friends, “Was a divorce very violent, the fact of the furious quarrel. I am a part, my wife on the other and the girls in the middle”. “It is right to protect the childhood of a child. I grew up too soon,” said the singer confessing to having suffered much for the separation of the parents.

The disease

After the divorce, Claudia Marthe passed a very difficult period because of a serious illness. Fortunately, you managed to overcome it and to heal. “My mom was bad, but it all worked out for the best for luck”, explained Elodie, “I have a bad relationship with memory, I forget everything, and then I don’t know how I was then.” A true force of nature, modern and youthful, today, the woman appears to be in great shape. Obviously it’s from mother Claudia that Elodie has inherited the charm, beauty and confidence.

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