Who wants to be a millionaire : The reaction very funny father of Iris Mittenaere about “his son-in-law” Diego

This Tuesday, may 12, Iris Mittenaere and his companion, Diego el Glaoui participate in Who wants to be a millionaire ? During the emission of TF1, the couple will make a phone call to the father of the former miss and he made a little joke with the young man.

It is always the mad love between Iris Mittenaere and Diego el Glaoui. The former miss 27-year-old and his companion did leave. The two lovers have spent their confinement together in Paris, sharing regularly their most beautiful pictures on social networks. If some couples have suffered to remain 24 hours on 24 all, Miss Universe 2016 and her lover are out even more welded this difficult period. To celebrate the déconfinement, the one who is now a presenter on TF1, in effect, has revealed the huge ring that he had offered the young man at his last birthday.

A father-in-law humorous

Always also inseparable, Iris Mittenaere and Diego el Glaoui, incidentally, have agreed to participate together in Who wants to be a millionaire ? In the issue of Tuesday, may 12, on TF1, the lovers will try anything to reap the maximum gains for the benefit of a charitable association. On the account Instagram of the set of Camille Combal, the first chain has unveiled a snippet of the delivery of the famous couple. And during the competition, the beauty queen and her lover were stuck on a question : “what department are you going to go through if you follow the coast from Montpellier to Marseille ? “Very undecided between The Gard and The Aude, after you have used the joker’s” 50/50 “, Iris and Diego have decided to make a phone call to a friend. It is ultimately the father of Iris who has been chosen.

“Yves, I’m with your daughter, Iris. And then I’m with the son-in-law ! “said Camille Combal on the phone. But it was without counting on the reaction of the father of the young woman, who wanted to make a small joke at his companion, his daughter. “My son-in-law ? Good Ah ? It comes from the North. No, I’m kidding, ” quipped the father of the family, full of humor. A home that has amused the host, and especially the main party. “You’re not gonna, you ! You’re bad luck, Diego ! “added the successor of Jean-Pierre Foucault, who took a mischievous delight in teasing the young man. “Diego, it is more stressed to talk to his father-in-law that to give the answer to 6000 euros ! “, he joked. A small sequence very funny which will long be remembered by the human Iris Mittenaere.

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“Diego, it is more stressed to talk to his father-in-law than to give the answer to 6.000€ !“ 🤣 @irismittenaeremf and his companion will be in Who Wants to be a millionaire In The House tonight at 19h on @tf1 and @mytf1_off with @camillecombal ! #QVGDMALaMaison #QVGDM #CestVotreDernierMot #CestMonDernierMotCamille

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