Who wants to be my partner ? : a candidate has attracted the attention of Brigitte Macron !

This Tuesday, January 14, Sarah Da Silva Gomes presents his company in Who wants to be my partner ? on M6. But before participating in the program, the entrepreneur has already been able to talk about his company Brigitte Macron, who was even received at the Elysée.

This Tuesday, January 14th, viewers will discover the first edition of Who wants to be my partner ?, the new issue of M6. In this program presented by Julien Courbet, and the heads of start-ups come to present their projects and ask for funding to ” business angels “. Among these heavy weights of the business, you’ll find Marc There (founder of Meetic), Catherine Barba (expert in the field of e-commerce and business angel), Frederic Mazzella (boss of BlaBlaCar) and Marc Vanhove (creator of Bistro Regent). In the meantime the broadcast, The Paris can already announce that a candidate has upset all of the investors : when she presented her company Constant & Zoe, Sarah Da Silva Gomes has even made him cry.

When Sarah Da Silva Gomes meets Brigitte Macron

Based in Villeurbanne in the Rhone, the entrepreneur, 29-year-old had 15 minutes to convince the business angel to invest euro 200 000 in his beautiful project. The “Constant” Constant & Zoé is none other than his little brother with multiple disabilities since birth. Confronted with the difficulty of the dress easily and conveniently, Sarah Da Silva Gomes has been launched in 2015 to its brand clothing easy to put on. “My brother, he is still super beautiful. I want my clothes nice and no medical garments “, she entrusted to the Parisian. Well before to be of interest to investors Who wants to be my partner ?, his start-up had already attracted the attention of a person is very influential : Brigitte Macron ! On June 16, 2017, the wife of the president had made, without cameras and any discretion, at the offices of Constant & Zoé in Villeurbanne.

The first lady had spent two hours in the company of Sarah Da Silva Gomes, but also the four families affected by disabilities, and clients of the brand. “The families felt listened to and Ms. Brigitte Macron has been attentive to each of the course “, had praised the company in a press release. In an interview for Handicap.fr the founder Constant & Zoé had hailed the commitment of his guest : “The team of Ms. Macron took notes on the ideas that we had, the questions were fair and relevant. “The course went very well, since Brigitte Macron has called on the 8th of march Sarah Da Silva Gomes at the Elysée palace with a dozen of women with disabilities or involved in this field. She had been able to catch a glimpse of this day, Emmanuel Macron, came to greet the guests of his wife at coffee time !