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Why Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Iannone are left? It lasted less than a year, the love story between the influencers of fashion, 24 years old, and the champion of MotoGp, 30. Since a few weeks, in fact, the two do not make more torque. To explain the reason of their separation is the weekly oggi, in the issue on newsstands this week.

“Friends of the couple say that between Andrea Iannone and Giulia De Lellis is over already for some time. The pilot last November has positive result at a doping control and she would be left alone to tackle this situation,”reads the magazine edited by Umberto Brindani. In short, the concept is clear: it seems that the two lovers are not able to remain united in the face of difficulties. And the flame of passion is reduced to be a fire of straw.

It is not over here. A message shared recently by Iannone on Instagram, in fact, seems to confirm what was stated by the magazine. “The 2020 presented me with many changes and difficult situations to deal with – it is said – I have Not seen the change as a limitation but an opportunity, to observe and to measure themselves and others. I measured myself, but also the ones that I were next door, and who did not hesitate to walk away”. Words of which the most naughty found a reference to julia.

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Between De Lellis and Iannone finished: there is the hand of Andrea Damante?

No direct reference to the question of Giulia, but he has recently confessed to having changed his life, and be happy with it. Farewell to Lugano, the city where he lives, Andrea, and where she had moved. Welcome to Pomezia, the land of his origin, on the coast of lazio… but only for a period: in fact, it seems that the former suitor is experiencing its quarantine together with the historical ex-Andrea Damante, known for its Men and Women.

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