Why is Luigi Berlusconi’s son not in Berlusconi’s Third Testament?


The First Holographic Will

The first holographic will is from October 2006, when the former President established the inheritance of Fininvest, integrated in 2020, with the donation to his brother.

The Second Holographic Testamentary Card

The second is from January 2022 and contains a legacy of 100 million to his last companion, Marta Fascina, and was kept by her, which she delivered yesterday to the notary. This document, a holographic testamentary card, was closed in an unsealed envelope. Inside was a sheet of letterhead with the words “To my children”. The date indicated is that of January 19, 2022 while the place is Arcore. It consists of a few lines written during a trip to San Raffaele, after receiving the diagnosis of leukemia. In these lines Berlusconi ordered an additional legacy for Marta Fascina, which amounts to 100 million euros, as well as for his brother Paolo, and one for Marcello Dell’Utri, of 30 million.

The Will Read to the Heirs

Berlusconi’s will was read to the heirs on July 5, 2023, and was made public the following day. From the text in which Luigi’s name is missing, it would seem that the legacies to Paolo Berlusconi, Marta Fascina and Marcello Dell’Utri (230 million in total) are borne by the other four children, and not by Luigi. Luigi, 34, is the youngest of the brothers, the last of the children born from the marriage with Veronica Lario. Since he was very young, his father made him part of the management of his empire (at 17 he was in the Board of Directors of Mediolanum).


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