Will Smith’s public colonoscopy on the social: “To make 50 mil followers, I do see the ass”

He was among the first to exploit and understand the mechanisms of TikTok, the new social craze among the young ones, and is very active on new media (think of the gag with Fabio Rovazzi). With his “first colonoscopy” in public, Will Smith also becomes the first actor to publish something on Instagram and on the social. It all starts with a sort of bet: “they Say that I’ll never be able to reach 50 million followers without posting my ass. So, here I am”. Jokes the actor, “Bad Boys,” “Independence Day” and “Men In Black”, by posting a teaser on his channel, Instagram, which is stationary, precisely, to 39.7 million followers. From Instagram, a link to his YouTube channel, in which the actor narrates every step of his colonoscopy. A vlog called “I vlogged my colonoscopy”: translated as “I vloggato my colonoscopy”.

The videos of Will Smith

“After having celebrated its 50 for a whole year, Will Smith takes care about his health and decides to do a colonoscopy”. This is the description of the video of the actor, and presented to his doctor, explains how the survey was done for a municipality to prevent it: “It was she who advised me to make her come to this age”. The video does not miss any moment. From the entrance in the clinic in Miami to stay in hospital. In preparation for the examination, Will Smith jokes with the doctors. Filming the show also immediately after the examination, when it appears groggy and still managed to joke with the doctor that assists him: “he is the Martin Scorsese of my ass”.

The importance of prevention

A video that may seem absurd but, in reality, also manages to have a social purpose are very important, prevention. The doctors, in the course of the video, they say: “everything went smooth, without complications. A subsequent conversation between Will Smith and the doctor reveal the removal of a polyp that had the fabric pre-cancerous: “we Know that screening and early detection save lives”, says the doctor. So, although a video of his own colonoscopy, although it’s unusual, they may serve to push everyone to monitor it regularly.