William of England: “I would Not have problems if my children were gay, but I am afraid of the pressure”

“If I have gay sons? I think that, of course, how I would react absolutely fine”. To speak is not a parent, “whatever”, but prince William of England, who responded to the question of an activist during a visit to the Albert Kennedy Trust in London, a nonprofit organization that helps gay youth kicked out of their homes find accommodation. The topic is delicate and poorly treated by the Royal family: let us not forget that homosexuality is still considered a crime in 35 of the 53 nations of the Commonwealth and has been decriminalized in England and Wales only in 1967 (1981 in Scotland and 1982 in Northern Ireland).

What worries the prince William

The United Kingdom has made gigantic strides in recent years, with the enactment of civil unions in 2005 and the establishment of gay marriage in 2013 in England and Wales (in Scotland, from 2014, in Northern Ireland is not yet legal). Yet, many families still struggle to accept the homosexuality of their children. Not so William, who would not have problems to interact with this situation in the case of the princes George, Charlotte and Louis. He and Kate Middleton have spoken of it often, even if the heir to the throne remains concerned by the reaction that the boys could suffer in the event of coming out, due to their location.

I’ve thought about it recently, I think it’s not early to think about it until you’re a parent. I believe that there would be absolutely no problem on my part. The only thing I worry about is how the thing will be interpreted, having regard in particular to the roles my children play. Then Catherine and I have talked a lot to ensure that they are ready. I think that communication is so important for everything, to help you understand that you have to talk to a lot of things and make sure how to support each other and how to deal with the situation. I do not care if they are gay, I worry how they will react all the others, and what will be the pressure on them.

The first coming out in the royal family only in 2016

The fact remains that homosexuality has been a taboo for centuries in the british Crown. Suffice it to say that the first coming out between the members of the reigning family dates back to the year 2016, when lord Ivar Mountbatten, cousin of queen Elizabeth, has publicly revealed that she’s bisexual. After a marriage and three daughters, now has a companion named James Coyle.