William Prince: More Loved in US than “American” Brother Harry


The Popularity of the British Royal Family

It is no surprise that members of the British royal family are famous, but the fact that Prince William is more popular than his brother Harry in the United States is definitely surprising, considering that the second son of Charles and Diana has been living in America since he said goodbye to his London life to turn the page with his wife Meghan Markle. Yet it is true. Newsweek commissioned a survey to the Gallup Company, which deals with polls, asking some interviewees to express an opinion on fifteen well-known figures on the world stage. The first in line of succession to the British throne leads the mini-ranking with 37% of preferences, followed by Ukrainian President Zelensky and Supreme Court Judge John Roberts. The list also includes Charles III, in fifth place (after Jill Biden) with 9% of preferences, decidedly few compared to the power of his son.

The Popularity of the Sussexes

It is also surprising that William, a prince and therefore far from the US culture, beats democratically elected names, such as Kamala Harris, who scored the unedifying score of -15%, and Joe Biden, -16%. A result mainly due to the fact that William is super partes, “not involved in any way in US politics,” commented Lydia Saad, head of the survey. The popularity of the Sussexes, on the other hand, is at its lowest level. Already last January, after the publication of Spare, Harry had dropped 48 points in the approval of Americans, while Meghan 40.

The Future of the Sussexes

Today the couple is reorganizing after the work flops of the last few months (above all that of the Duchess’s podcast, Archetypes): a movie and a documentary are coming. Let’s see if Americans will like them…


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