William Turner Songs: Singing Tina Turner Loudly (w/ Harry & Diana).


Memories of a Legendary Singer

In the front seat was Lady Diana, sometimes accompanied by a bodyguard. In the back seat were her children William and Harry. From the sound system, the notes of a legendary Tina Turner song. A few days after the death of the American singer, the memory of the Prince of Wales, who two years ago, in the Time To Walk podcast, revealed a curious anecdote with him, his brother and his mother, comes to mind.

The Best: a Real Family Moment

“When my mother took us to school, she put different types of music in the car to try to relieve our tension,” William said. “One of the songs I remember in particular is The Best, by Tina Turner. It has stayed with me all this time and I still enjoy secretly listening to it, like when I was sitting in the back. For me it represents a real family moment“. “My mother drove and sang out loud,” added the heir to the throne. “We got the policeman in and he occasionally hummed along too. Now the song brings me back to those car trips and to my mother”. It is not known if he also puts The Best with his wife, Kate Middleton, while taking the three children to school: certainly Tina Turner means memories for so many people.

The Queen of Rock

The queen of rock passed away at 83, after last March she had told on Instagram about her illness: “My kidney tumor is no longer curable. I thought my body was untouchable and indestructible and so, when I should have, I did not follow the doctors’ advice,” she revealed to her fans. “I did not regularly take the high blood pressure medication prescribed to me”. An artist who has become an icon, who will continue to live in the imagination of enthusiasts, and not only.


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