William’s Snub at Royal Giordano Wedding to Kate Middleton


The Surprise Appearance of the British Royals

Prince William and Kate Middleton were great protagonists at the Jordanian royal wedding of Hussein with Rajwa Al Saif celebrated on June 1st in Amman. The British royals, who attended the event held at the Zahran Palace in Amman representing King Charles III, were (to everyone’s surprise) the honored guests of the event. In the videos circulating on social media, you can see the Welsh princes greeting the bride and groom. Then Kate lingers to talk with the bride and after a few moments William loses patience.

Security Reasons Behind the Royal Presence

The presence of William and Kate among the more than 140 guests – including crowned heads from all over the world – was a real surprise. Their participation in the Jordanian royal wedding had not been anticipated “for security reasons,” as the Daily Mail explained. A rather common practice when the Windsors move for any event.

William’s Impatience Revealed

Less “common” was William’s irritated gesture towards his wife: the two, at least in public, always appear impeccable. But in everyday life, behind the palace walls, their marriage would not be much different from that of ordinary mortals. With moments of tension and discussions caused mainly, it seems, by the more capricious and prone to outbursts of William’s character. Which Kate would be able to face “treating her husband like a fourth child,” that is, with the same patience she treats George, Charlotte and Louis. This was recently revealed by a former employee of Kensington Palace to Tom Quinn, author of the book Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family. So far, only rumors: we had no proof of William’s more fiery character. But now the Jordanian royal wedding has given us, in the form of a video, a small taste of the prince’s impatience. Evidently annoyed by his wife’s prolonged chit-chat, at one point the prince lets out a gesture of impatience: nervously moving his hands, he signals to Kate to hurry up.


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