Yulen Pereira, Anabel Pantoja: Relationship Status at Worst Moment


Anabel Pantoja’s Difficult Situation

Anabel Pantoja is facing one of her worst moments. A few weeks ago, the niece made the alarms go off after sharing some snapshots in which she confessed to be going through a very difficult time. “There are situations that I am fighting and working to fulfill my dream and it’s amazing how people, for lack of a better word, prevent you from being happy,” she recently acknowledged in some Instagram stories.

Yulen Pereira’s Comments

Now, her ex-partner Yulen Pereira has spoken to Europa Press and has commented on the situation of the Seville woman. The fencer has confessed that the media exposure of the last months has been difficult to manage, since “in many interviews I have said that it was all very new to me,” but “I do not regret anything, in the end you have to overcome yourself, stones in the road, but now I am very well and much stronger“. The former contestant of ‘Survivors 2022’ has also admitted that he has been very upset that it has been speculated that he has insulted Anabel Pantoja and that he has meddled with her physique: “very bad, seeing your family bad, seeing your mother bad, my uncles, my little cousins hurts a lot, in the end people are not aware of the damage they do, not only to me, but to my environment, so I thought it was time to talk“.

Willing to Talk Again

At the moment he is calm because he has always asked for proof and they have never taken it out: “I have been asking for it for two months, there is no, they do not exist, I sleep very peacefully and I know that nothing is going to come out, I have overcome it and we are well, happy and happy“. That yes, Yulen Pereira has revealed that he cannot talk to her because she does not answer the phone: “she does not answer the phone, I hope she is well with her family, I am with mine”, but he is willing to talk to her whenever she wants: “that does not depend on me, it depends on her, on my part that conversation will always be there, whenever she wants to talk to me here I am“. The athlete did not hesitate to defend her from the criticisms she receives on the networks: “with Anabel they have always gone too far, I do not think she deserves it, people are very bad, she is a strong girl, but people go too far and I know that in her personal life she is not doing well either, so I wish her the best and I will always wish it“. Finally, the athlete assured that it makes him happy to know that she has found love again with the physio: “I found out yesterday, I do not know if they are boyfriends, I do not know if they are friends, but I wish her the best, if she is happy, well … “and denied that he has rebuilt his life: “wow, before that if another new girlfriend, but how many girlfriends are you going to take out of me, I am single, happy, calm and spending a day with the family“.


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