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Zabou Breitman Grandmother: Anna Chalon Pregnant, Baby Coming Soon!

Zabou Breitman: Proud Grandmother-to-Be

Ordinarily very discreet about her life and family, Zabou Breitman couldn’t help but share some excellent news on her Instagram account at the beginning of summer: she will be a grandmother in a few weeks! Her daughter Anna, herself a singer, is indeed expecting her first child. And the actress seems particularly proud and happy about this great happiness coming! After having hinted several times at the pregnancy of the young woman, born in 1989 from her love with the sculptor Fabien Chalon, Zabou was very clear this Sunday by making a before-after of her daughter, who now sports a very round belly. And next to her “badass mama”, as she had nicknamed her a few days ago, her son Antonin, ready to become an uncle.

Antonin’s 30th Birthday

If we believe the captions, it is even for him that the whole family gathered in the countryside this beautiful summer of 2023: last August 8, he celebrated his 30th birthday and surely wanted to surround himself with all his loved ones including his mother and sister.

A Small Family

A rather small family on the side of the actress, who has no brothers and sisters and who had explained a few years ago that her clan was centered around her two big children. “My father had two brothers and my mother, from Quebec, was from a family of eleven children, but she had cut ties when she arrived in France. So I have some very good memories with my cousins, but they go back a long way. My real family is my children. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to reunite them, because my son lives in Paris and my daughter in New York,” she told Version Fémina. If we don’t know if the young woman, “singer and festival organizer” according to her famous mother, still lives in New York today, and we don’t know of any possible love life, we do know that she and her brother are very attached to their famous mother. Indeed, when she was invited in 2018 in Thé ou Café, they wanted to leave her a message. Anna, who had almost moved her mother to tears, had improvised a little song. Antonin, on the other hand, who has become an actor like her, had made her a nice declaration: “It is a mother who has pampered us”. And we imagine that as a grandmother, she will give her all!



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