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Zendaya ousted from Rome restaurant due to look.

A Misadventure for Zendaya in Rome

Moments of embarrassment for Zendaya, who in recent days, in Rome, was the protagonist of a small misadventure. The US actress was forbidden to enter a restaurant due to dress code. She, undoubtedly one of the most elegant of her generation, was closed out of the Terrazza Borromini, overlooking Piazza Navona. Cargo pants, strapless top and belly in sight were definitely not in line with the restaurant, which asks guests for a formal cocktail look.

A Cheerful Evening Despite the Setback

According to the Daily Mail, which first reported the news, Zendaya and her friends had booked, but things did not change; once they arrived at the venue, they were unable to dine. A brief exchange of words with the staff and then a retreat, looking for another solution. In the end, Zendaya and the friends who were with her opted for a pizzeria a short distance away, zero formality and a still cheerful evening.

Shopping to Make Up for the Setback

Zendaya in Rome ©Getty Images. The twenty-six-year-old actress was in Rome for the inauguration of a hotel, a brand for which she is a witness, as some shots of the evening published on her social media tell, but the misadventure does not seem to have affected her days in the Capital too much. The day after the actress was spotted while shopping: consoling herself was very easy.



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