Home Celebrity Scoop Amaia Salamanca, Rosauro Varo reunited and happy despite crisis rumors.

Amaia Salamanca, Rosauro Varo reunited and happy despite crisis rumors.

The Rumours

Despite rumours of marital crisis, Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo have made it clear this Saturday that they are still together and as happy as ever. This Saturday marked more than a month since we saw them make their last joint appearance, specifically during Seville’s Holy Week.

The Appearance

The couple has never missed these celebrations since they began their love story in 2010, and now, on the occasion of the wedding of Willy Bárcenas and Loreto Sesma, the two have made their first public appearance since then. Although Europa Press managed to capture them together and greeting the media, the two have refused to make any statement about the state of their marriage and the distance that has been talked about so much. The complicity between them has shown that, it seems, the speculations have been nothing more than that. Rosauro and Amaia just smiled at the cameras, but did not deny the supposed crisis they are going through.

The Priority

Always so discreet with their lives, they have never publicly talked about personal matters and protect their privacy very much, so it is not surprising that they do not want to enter into these speculations that, judging by the images, could be false. The two are happily in love and are parents of three children: Olivia, who in a few days will turn 9, Nacho, 6 and Mateo, 5. They are one of their greatest priorities and one of the reasons why they avoid entering into public conflicts as much as possible.



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