Home Celebrity Scoop Charlene Monaco returns to South Africa (no sign of Alberto)

Charlene Monaco returns to South Africa (no sign of Alberto)

Unexpected Solo Trip of Charlene of Monaco

According to the program, Charlene of Monaco returned last Saturday to South Africa, the land of her birth, for a global swimming event: the new edition of the Water Bike Challenge, a sporting challenge launched by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation to raise awareness about learning to swim and water safety. This return to South Africa is highly symbolic for Charlene: during her last trip in 2021, the princess was struck by an ear, nose and throat infection that forced her to undergo several surgical operations, keeping her away from Monaco for more than five months (she returned in November 2021, then there was rehabilitation in a Swiss clinic until the first months of 2022).

Absence of Prince Albert of Monaco

On this highly symbolic journey, the princess was not supposed to be alone, according to the program: with her – as the organizers of the Water Bike Challenge announced last August in an official statement – her husband, Albert of Monaco, was supposed to be there. However, as the photos posted on the official profile of the Monaco royal house show, there is no trace of the prince. And, as Hola! points out, on Friday Albert was in Monaco to inaugurate a Picasso exhibition. It is impossible, then, that at the same time he was with his wife on a plane heading to South Africa. What caused this change of program? At the moment it is not known.

Rumors of Divorce Rekindled

What is certain is that the unexpected solo trip of Charlene has rekindled the rumors that have been circulating for months about the royal couple being on the verge of divorce. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Finally, it has even been said that Charlene lives alone in Switzerland, and that she sees her husband, when protocol requires it, “only by appointment”. Rumors recently denied by Alberto himself (“The rumors that want Charlene away from me are false, and they hurt me”), and accompanied by several public appearances of the royal couple: couple appearances, with the two apparently always serene and smiling. As when they accompanied their two children, the little princes Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco, to school after the summer holidays. Now, however, Charlene has returned to South Africa alone. And the unexpected absence of her husband, especially on a journey so full of symbolic meanings for her, has inevitably rekindled the rumors recently denied by Albert. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.



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