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Laura & Anthony: What Happened Off-Camera (EXCLUSIVE)

The 2023 Edition of Married at First Sight

The 2023 edition of Married at First Sight was a very special one for Laura (27). The young woman learned that she had a 77% compatibility with a man, which delighted her. But, a few days before flying to Gibraltar for the union, she suffered a stroke. The wedding was then cancelled. Despite this, the experts allowed Anthony and the young woman to meet.

Are They in a Relationship?

If the feeling was good, have they been in a relationship since? The candidate confided in Purepeople. “Are you in a relationship with Anthony? We met again two times off camera. We had a very good feeling again. But it didn’t give more. I don’t know why it didn’t work. We never developed anything romantic, so it didn’t lead to anything sentimental.” Are you still in contact? From time to time, we send each other messages. But not more than that either. We each have our lives. I’m a bit sad about it, I find it a shame. But it’s life that decides like that. I’m very busy with my job and my health, so maybe I don’t take enough time to write to him. Maybe one day it will be different.

Are You Single?

Are you single? Yes, I’m still looking for love. I would like to meet a balanced man (laughs). I admit that I have a little bit left it aside for the moment. I’m focused on myself and my health for the moment. The little energy I have I prefer to devote to something else. After the experience, I met someone who turned out to be completely crazy and I’m weighing my words. It vaccinated me. I told myself that it was not the time to meet someone and that I had to take care of my health. Crazy in what way? I think he had a psychiatric pathology. Finally, according to my psychologist, it is someone who had psychiatric disorders. He made me believe that it would work. And from one day to the next, he disappeared telling me that he had manipulated me, because he was lost.



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