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Princess Leonor’s Special Friend Gabi – First Photos & Possible New Love

Romance Between Princess Leonor and Gabi

At 17 years old, it looks like Princess Leonor is living her first love. The lucky one? A boy named Gabi, a classmate from UWC Atlantic College.

Gabi’s Background

Just a few days ago, the news broke out that the heir to the throne might be in love with a young American millionaire, but it seems that this information is not entirely correct. He is a millionaire, but Gabi is Brazilian (specifically from Sao Paulo, where his parents currently live). That said, this young man studied for a while in New York before heading to UWC Atlantic College, hence the possible confusion. From the Look portal they have revealed the first data about the mysterious boy who could have stolen the heart of the heir to the throne: “His mother is successful within the sphere of advertising, and his father would stand out as a recognized expert in the international financial sector, working at Deutsche Bank,” they report. Although his surname is unknown at the moment, the mentioned medium states that his name is Gabriel G. A., and that he has opted for discretion on social networks, unlike other boys his age: “His Instagram profile remains closed to the public, while his Facebook account only has two posts,” they explain in Look.

Will the Romance Survive the Distance?

Gabi actively participates in all the proposals of his school. It is curious that this nickname has been repeated in the two romances that have been heard more strongly about the sentimental life of Princess Leonor. Before Gabi, her schoolmate, many media pointed out that the daughter of Queen Letizia had fallen in love with Gavi, a player on the Spanish team. Rumors that finally did not come to fruition but were exacerbated when King Felipe himself went to the locker room at the past World Cup in Qatar, and Gavi gave him a shirt with his name that, visibly, was too small for him. Finally we found out that the recipient of the gift was not Leonor, but Sofía, the “soccer player” of the sisters. Now that Leonor has finished her studies at the prestigious school in Wales and that in August she will enter the Military Academy of Zaragoza… will this teenage love survive the distance?



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