Home Lifestyle “Solidarity Project: Los Morancos Free from Debt”

“Solidarity Project: Los Morancos Free from Debt”

The Solidarity Project of Los Morancos

It all started when the two brothers, César and Jorge Cadaval, better known as Los Morancos, found out about the debts incurred by a close friend. This prompted them to undertake a solidarity project they have called Libres de Deuda, aimed at informing citizens with economic problems of the aid offered by the Government.

Informing Citizens of the Aid

César Cadaval explains: “That people with debts know that they have the possibility of solving their situation thanks to laws such as the second chance law, which allows them to move forward in the professional, social and even mental field.” The results of the project have been very good, with citizens suffocated by their debts being able to move forward thanks to the initiative.

Requirements for the Second Chance Law

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to take advantage of the second chance law. These include being a resident in Spain, being insolvent and owing less than 5 million euros. Los Morancos are fully involved in the project and want everyone who gets in touch with Libres de Deuda, through the website www.libresdedeuda.com, to know that they are fully involved. Just with a person being able to solve those problems, the project will have made sense.



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