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Britney Spears Divorce: Is Ex-Housekeeper Paul Richard Soliz Cause?

Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari’s Marriage

It has been suggested that there may have been a third party in the marriage between Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari, which ended after only 14 months since their “I do”. According to reports, the singer had allegedly cheated on her husband with her former caretaker, Paul Richard Soliz. However, things may have started only after Spears’ divorce from Ashgari. What is certain is that Spears’ name has been inextricably linked to Soliz’s in the last few hours; the 37-year-old has a rather murky past, with several convictions, including one for public disturbance, another for illegal possession of a firearm, driving without a license, and another for being a danger to children.

Spears’ Cautious Financial Decisions

It was Sam Ashgari who asked for the singer’s divorce last August 16. The reason? “Irreconcilable differences”, a canonical formula that actually says nothing and leaves all questions open. What is certain is that the actor had tried to get extra concessions from the prenuptial agreement made with Spears, but that the document is unassailable. No extra income, in other words, after the divorce. At least in this, the singer was cautious.

Soliz’s Comments About Spears

She’s an amazing woman, Soliz said of the singer when speaking to Us Weekly a few days ago, outside the court where he was present for the hearing in which he was accused of yet another offense, the violation of parole. She’s a very, very good and positive person… she’s a good person, he added. No comment, at least so far, from Sam Ashgari.



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