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Charlize Theron nostalgia for 25yo body

The South African Actress Charlize Theron

Only two years away from her fifties, the South African actress Charlize Theron, naturalized as an American, has recognized to be making “peace” with aging. At 48 years old, the actress of ‘Monster’ admits to having a hard time with the passing of time, but not because of her physical appearance. “What bothers me is that if I get injured now while shooting an action movie, it takes me much longer to recover than when I was 20 years old”. The actress turned 48 on August 7th.

The Actress Wishes for a 25 Year Old Body

“More than my face, which is changing and I love that it ages, I would like to have my 25 year old body”, Theron assured, who is a single mother of two adopted daughters. We are sure that more than one shares her opinion!



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