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Lady Diana Museum Objects: Where Are They Now?

Althorp House Open to the Public

Althorp House, the family home of Lady Diana, has been opened to the public for the summer season. However, its famous stables which, once, was a museum dedicated to the late princess, has now changed its use.

The Spencer Tiara and Diana’s Engagement Ring

The museum in the stables was divided into six exhibition rooms, with precious pieces belonging to the royal family. For example, there was Diana’s iconic wedding dress, which is now owned by William. There was her childhood photo album and her dancing shoes. The eldest son of the princess also inherited the Spencer Tiara and a wide selection of other ceremonial outfits worn by the royals over the years. But among the objects inherited by William is also the famous white gold engagement ring, with a large oval 12-carat blue sapphire and 14 round diamonds, which Diana’s son gave to Kate when he asked her to marry him in 2010 (and which she always wears on her finger).

The Princess Diana Memorial at Althorp

At Althorp, on an island in the Oval Lake, rests the Princess Diana. Members of the family must take a boat to get there and visitors are forbidden to reach the tomb. Her brother Charles often goes there and, as he told Good Morning Britain, “on every important day, such as her birthday or mother’s day, I always bring flowers. It’s a haven of calm, a nice place.”



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