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Mysterious Couple: Sublime Journalist & Mysterious Brunet in Love

Laura Hurissel’s Career

Since August 2021, Laura Hurissel has been an investigative journalist for the show “It Can Happen To You”, broadcast on RTL radio and the M6 channel. Every morning, she investigates with Julien Courbet and famous guests such as Anne-Claire Moser, Céline Collonge, Hervé Pouchol, Charlotte Méritan and many others. But when she is not immersed in her complicated cases, the pretty blonde loves to travel to the four corners of the world. Italy, United States, England, Ireland, Spain, Mexico… Her Instagram account is full of souvenir photos!

Laura Hurissel’s Travels

On January 21, 2023, the date of her last Instagram post, Laura Hurissel posted a rare photo of her and her sweetheart. Wrapped in their coats and hats, the lovebirds hug while the young woman gives her companion a tender kiss on the cheek. “Belgium is definitely approved,” she wrote in the caption of this series of photos where we can see some of the most beautiful monuments of the city of Antwerp, located in the Flemish region of the country. The least one can say is that this new trip seems to delight them both, as the beautiful and her prince charming both have a radiant look!

Laura Hurissel’s Life

Very discreet, Laura Hurissel does not usually talk about her private life, nor reveal the faces of her family members. Regarding her couple, this is only the third time she has exposed it publicly. The first photo dates from October 2021 and shows the lovers in their best Halloween costumes. The second photo, on the other hand, dates from July 2022 and shows the lovebirds, delighted and complicit, in the middle of the Utah salt desert, during their recent trip to the United States. It should be noted that, before joining Julien Courbet’s team, Laura Hurissel was, according to her LinkedIn profile, a video journalist at BFMTV. A position she held for almost three years!



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