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Scarlett Johansson: Rings never lie

Scarlett Johansson’s Engagement Ring

What Scarlett Johansson wears on her left ring finger and which she continues to wave in front of my nose every time she moves her hands – and she does it a lot: to the face of stereotypes that it is us Latin people who are gesticulating – is not a traditional engagement ring from Hollywood diva, of the type an enormous solitaire perhaps a bit tacky according to the logic that love is measured in carats. No. What Scarlett wears on her right finger is a ring, yes, large, but with a vintage look, with three diamonds and a rectangular Art Deco setting. One of those rings that says a lot about the person who wears it and which can be found in the antique shops of Paris. Or – even better – it is a family ring, one of those that mothers of European nobility leave to their children to give to future daughters-in-law.

Romain Dauriac, Scarlett’s Partner

Whatever the origin, what she wears on her incriminated finger is obviously a special ring. The name of who gave it to her, at the moment I meet her, is more than a certainty, it is my suspicion. And the fact that she sometimes tries to turn it, almost to hide it, perhaps to not attract too much attention, makes me even more suspicious. For about ten months Scarlett has been seeing a certain Romain Dauriac, French, former journalist with an aristocratic look, now head of a creative agency. The two have often been photographed in Paris, where she now spends a lot of time. They seem happy, at least judging by the photos. Even if there were no photos, it would be enough to look at her face: beautiful, luminous, serene. Even available, she who is said to be not very friendly with journalists.

Under the Skin, Scarlett’s Latest Movie

We are in Venice, more precisely on the Lido, in a villa near the boarding of the vaporetti overlooking the lagoon. The view is magnificent, but having one side directly on the water it is very exposed to the paparazzi who begin to arrive by boat in the hope of stealing a shot. First one, then two. At the third motorboat full of photographers, her agent decides to move the interview inside. Understandable choice, but the paparazzi must also be understood: Johansson is one of the few divas still around. Not only that: the film she is here to support has already caused and will certainly still cause discussion. Welcomed by some whistles at the screening reserved for the press, Under the Skin is so strange that it can’t even be told. What is certain is that it will split the audience in two – unbearable nonsense Vs supreme masterpiece – and that the protagonist is almost always naked. But really naked.



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