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Tamara Falcó: No Stress Over Fertility Issues

Marriage, Housework and Fertility Treatment: Tamara Falcó’s Plans

After her dream honeymoon, Tamara Falcó has resumed activity by presenting a capsule collection for Pedro del Hierro at Madrid Fashion Week. Before the show, she talked to us about how happy she is and her plans to expand the family. PRONTO: How has marriage changed you? TAMARA FALCÓ: It’s very similar to dating, but there’s a special union, which is the sacrament.

Living Together and Newlywed Fights

P.: Have you had any newlywed fights? T.F.: There have been some, but we’ve had time to resolve it. P.: How is living together and housework going? T.F.: We are quite organized and we have help. We are still with my mother in Puerta de Hierro, but the house works are almost finished and we are looking forward to moving.

Fertility Treatment

P.: After the honeymoon in Africa and the vaccines, you have resumed fertility treatment. How is it going? T.F.: The doctors say everything is fine. It is true that there is an important factor, which is my age. But they have told me to take it easy, so I’m not stressed out. It will come when it comes.



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