Home Hot Gossip Carmen Lomana slams Tamara Falcó for Marbella clinic stay.

Carmen Lomana slams Tamara Falcó for Marbella clinic stay.

Issues with Tamara Falcó’s Weight Loss

This Friday, Carmen Lomana has attended the welcome party of the summer of ‘Espejo Público’ and, as expected, has talked about some of the current topics that are giving the most to talk about, such as the entry of Tamara Falcó into the Marbella clinic. At the end of May, Isabel Preysler’s daughter was “caught” at the Buchinger clinic in Marbella to undergo a therapeutic fast and a detox treatment to lose weight before her wedding with Íñigo Onieva. The bride-to-be has highlighted on several occasions that she is in her “normal weight” and assured that her intention was not to lose 10 kilos in this center, but Carmen Lomana has not forgiven the “dishonesty” with which she has treated this issue after returning to the clinic to resume her treatment.

Carmen Lomana’s Criticism

The socialite has criticized Tamara and has made it clear that “for the moment I don’t need it”. What she did not like about Isabel Preysler’s daughter was that she was not consistent with her actions: “Do you know what bothers me? That they say: ‘no, I’m not going to lose weight’. Well then go to another place, to the Marbella club to Puente Romano “. In addition, Carmen has warned that this treatment can have long-term consequences since “you are 10 days without eating anything, only liquid, to see how you stay, but of course, when you lead a normal life it has the same or more rebound effect, it’s normal, please, that the dress fits her well, now she’s going to the US”.

Carmen’s Prediction for the Wedding

The television collaborator has also revealed that “if she has lost 10 kg” and “it looks huge” it could be a problem, but “fortunately they will solve it”. In addition, Carmen has assured that “this wedding is going to end with us, we are not going to be able to marry or something is going to happen here”.



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