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Family sizes: 18-Kilo Slimmed Candidate Unveils Figure After Criticism

Cindy Van Der Auwera’s Weight Loss Journey

In 2022, Cindy Van Der Auwera announced she was starting a physical transformation. The mother of 11 children from large families, life in XXL has indeed taken on the challenge of losing weight. And it must be said that her efforts have borne fruit! Quickly, Cindy began sharing photos of her slimmed down silhouette. “Just 18kg less … I have stabilized despite a miscarriage. Stabilization periods are very important to avoid regaining,” she confided in January 2023, specifying that she was starting her “second phase of weight loss… more motivated than ever when I see these photos”.

Changing Her Diet

To get rid of her extra kilos, Cindy Van Der Auwera completely changed her diet. And that was it. Indeed, that would have been enough to change her. Something that the internet users have a hard time believing. Many suspect her of lying about her weight loss, suggesting that she has helped herself with cosmetic surgery or even that she hasn’t slimmed down as much as she claims.

Standing Up to Her Haters

A few days ago, the mother of the family therefore decided to make a point on Instagram. “Contrary to what you’re telling, I haven’t used any surgery, sleeve, bypass or filters. I’ve always been round since I was a child. I’ve lost kilos but I’ll always be what’s called curvy,” she addressed her haters. A statement that was not enough to convince. Still targeted by nasty criticisms, Cindy Van Der Auwera made a new post on Wednesday 14 June to denounce what she suffers on a daily basis. In order to silence the malicious tongues once and for all, she also decided to reveal herself “from head to toe” in the photo. “All these criticisms that are flying: ‘it’s filters, I don’t believe it, rebalancing your diet is not enough, we never see you in full, you hide your body because you’re a liar …’ and so on. (…) To tell someone who is suffering from food that it is easy to lose weight is at least as stupid as telling a smoker to just throw away his cigarette to do it … No, it doesn’t work like that. No, it’s not easy to lose weight … Weight problems are not only related to food problems or lack of activity. Many factors can come into play: stress, health, psychology … So, when you get there you can be proud. Yes, I still have shapes, yes I will always have them. But I am proud of who I am whether it pleases or not,” she wrote. Fortunately, the vast majority of her community is benevolent with Cindy Van Der Auwera who received many very positive messages in the comments.



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