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Mediaset executive’s knowledge of Mario’s death: Case Biondo.

Mysterious Death of Raquel Sánchez Silva

Mónica Naranjo’s ex-husband and criminologist Óscar Tarruella has been collaborating with the parents of Mario Biondo, a television cameraman and husband of Raquel Sánchez Silva, who died in strange circumstances 10 years ago.

Strange Pact of Silence

The investigator presented his book ‘Diary of a Homicide Agent’ a few days ago and, as expected, the attendees asked him about the mysterious death. Without naming names, according to El Español, Tarruella assured that there was “a strange pact of silence in the Mediaset production company not to talk about the case”, and journalist Carlos Bustos said that “for eight years, Mediaset did not dedicate a single minute to talking about the Biondo case”.

Behind the Death

“Suddenly, the management changed, great executives left and, one day, someone made the decision to start a program about Biondo. Behind his death there are powers and also a person with great power who knows a lot”, explained the presenter of the event, to which Óscar added: “Antena 3 and TVE also joined”.



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