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Paloma Accident: Mika Traumatized by Sister’s Fate, Impaled on Fence

Paloma accident, which could have been fatal, has brought the siblings even closer together.

Family is more important than anything to Mika, so when his elder sister Paloma had a near miss, his life was turned upside down. This event, which happened in October 2010, is still very clear in his mind, even though he left The Voice in 2019. While Paloma was smoking at the window of her London flat, she lost her balance and fell 15 meters below, impaling herself on the metal grille of the building. She was urgently rushed to the Royal London Hospital and her life was in danger for many hours. It was reported in The Sun that Paloma had gone through major leg and abdominal surgery, but was doing remarkably well considering what had happened. This news spread around the English capital.

Mika was able to talk about the Paloma accident in 2015, when he was on the couch of Marc-Olivier Fogiel. He revealed that the cause was due to a medical error at Paloma’s birth, which left her with a weak left side. She had wanted her independence and her own apartment, but the stairs were a challenge for her. On the night she moved, Mika had gone home, not knowing what would happen. Paloma’s roommate came to tell him about the tragedy, and Mika rushed to the scene. He saw his sister in such a condition and said a little prayer. Fortunately, Paloma did not have any brain damage, and can walk without help today. This Paloma accident has brought the siblings even closer.



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