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Romina Power: Resentment only harms both of us.

The Break-up of Al Bano and Romina Power

Everyone believed that the fairy tale of the “lovers of Italy” had been abruptly broken due to the mysterious disappearance of their eldest daughter Ylenia in New Orleans. It was said that this drama marked the beginning of a crisis that culminated in a spectacular legal separation in 1999. Almost twenty-five years after their goodbye, Al Bano gave a very different explanation of the break-up than the one reported by the media.

The Real Reason Behind the Break-up

In an interview with Oggi, the singer explained that their marriage had actually ended because his wife smoked marijuana too often: “Romina smoked that rubbish four times a day. And she had been doing it for years, even before Ylenia disappeared. She was another woman. She smoked and was cheerful; when the effect was over, she became sad and cried. She was unrecognizable. She no longer expressed that attachment to things, that passion for life, for what we had lived and built in those years. It was the beginning of the end”.

Romina’s Response

Romina wanted to reply through an interview recently granted to La Stampa: “Relationships last when both are committed to growing together. It is important that there is dialogue and understanding, but above all that we listen to each other. In America we say: “Happy wife, happy life”. As the land teaches us, a seed, however precious, cannot be left to the mercy of the weather but needs protection at the beginning and then care and constant attention. It needs warmth and to feel nourished”. A calm response that the singer and painter closed with: “There is no need to bear a grudge. Let’s turn the page and move on”. The distant dispute between the two has probably been a cold shower for those who – despite Al Bano having long since started a new life (with highs and lows) with Loredana Lecciso, with whom he had two children – have never stopped dreaming of the return of the “most beautiful couple in the world”.



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