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Virginia Troconis on El Cordobés: Husband is excellent!

Family Bonding: Manuel and Virginia Troconis

There is no doubt that the Benítez Troconis family are living an unforgettable year. Although their son Manuel has flown the nest and is now studying in Madrid, leaving both Manuel and Virginia a bit melancholic, there are many joys that the bullfighter and his wife are living, especially due to his closeness with his father, whom he finally met in person to unite a bond that he so desired to strengthen.

Manuel’s Retirement and Future Projects

A few months away from leaving the bullrings for good, Manuel is fully devoted to his other businesses, while Virginia, as beautiful and natural as ever, is working on projects in which she identifies with. Manuel is excited about his retirement and new projects, which include his light commercialization company, an electricity company, and his family. Virginia has offered to make Tamara Falcó’s wedding dress, and believes her style can fit her: “Why not? Designers have to let themselves be guided by the personality and taste of the client. I think she fits Vicky’s style.”

Virginia’s Appreciation of Time

Virginia is devoted to her children, and believes that being a mother is one of the most important things there is: “The reason for my life is to wake up every day and fight for them to be better people, to enjoy things that maybe we haven’t had and to be respectful,” she explains. “For me the most important thing is to take care of my physical, face and mind health. But I’m not worried about aging, you have to do it with dignity, take care of yourself and love yourself as you are.”



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