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Amber Heard’s Courage: Luca Calvani’s Take

A Variety of Projects

Luca Calvani describes the phase of life he is in as a large and lush garden. It is also varied, because the projects that involve him are many and varied. The first film as a director Il Cacio con le Pere released in cinemas last March, for example. Or the podcast Bee You – Buzzing Thoughts, dedicated to inner well-being. The farmhouse Le Gusciane, of course, where the actor and presenter moved with his partner Alessandro Franchini.

A Wonderful Experience

When he speaks, Calvani gives the impression of being exactly where he wants to be. He transmits serenity and lightness even when he evokes the moments lived with his colleague Amber Heard, a “wonderful person” with whom “a beautiful friendship” was born.

The In the Fire Movie

Only once during the interview the tone cracks, leaving the irritation to appear: when, still talking about Amber, the conversation ends up on those who judge her by hearsay, often with violent words, and on those who even attack him because, after having known her in person, he defends her. The reference is obviously to the trial following which the US actress was convicted of paying damages for defamation to her ex-partner and which, since then, has never really stopped being discussed. Calvani and Heard met on the set of In the Fire, a film directed by Conor Allyn to be released next autumn. The supernatural thriller is set in 1890 and features a battle between science and religion here embodied in particular by two characters, Grace and Father Antonio, played respectively by Amber Heard and Luca Calvani. The opposition between them – or rather, the evolution of their relationship – is one of the central points of the plot. Grace is a psychiatrist and is contacted by a woman who lives on a farm in Colombia, worried because her son Martin shows signs of disturbance. The local priest, Father Antonio, as well as the peasants who live in the area, are convinced that the boy is possessed by the devil. When the psychiatrist arrives, she will try to help the boy even defending him from the fury and fear of those around him. Filming of the film took place in Puglia and Guatemala between February and March 2022.



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