Alberto Monaco: Rumors of Charlene leaving me hurt, after her struggles months ago.


Rumors About Prince Albert of Monaco and His Wife

Prince Albert of Monaco said in an interview to the Corriere that he is tired of the rumors that his wife Charlène Wittstock is getting further away from him and the palace life. “I don’t understand all these rumors that hurt me, about her ‘living elsewhere, in Switzerland, meeting by appointment to see each other. Falsehood”.

The Support of His Wife

“Charlène had some difficulties many months ago, but now, thank God, it’s over. She supports me in the leadership of the Principality, then we are not attached to each other 24 hours a day, we are also a working couple and work sometimes allows us to see each other only at the end of a long day full of appointments”, Albert of Monaco further pointed out before moving the conversation to something else: from the plans of the Principality for the future to his typical day.

Advice from His Mother

“As an institution, as a guide, you have to try to understand where you want to go, who you want to take with you, but also who you want to take care of and you are not always sure of the choices made. But I think it is right to have doubts, to question yourself. You need a vision, and if there are doubts, fears it is human nature. Only certainty kills. You gain experience, while ruling. And in the most difficult moments I think of a advice that my mother gave me: listen to everyone, take all the necessary information before making a choice, but in the end always trust your heart, your instinct, your first impression”.


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