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Kikò Nalli hospital, Amber Lombardo in Sicily: storm on the web

The shots of the former gieffina appeared on Instagram to unleash in the comments of the followers: "I would have taken the first plane to reach it"

Matteo Salvini and Francesca Verdini, mark a ring on the finger of she

After the rumors about the possible pregnancy, now there is talk of a wedding in sight for the leader of the League and his young companion

Laura Torrisi she will be 40 years old and is celebrating in Bali: “what I’ll turn in now?”

Laura Torrisi does 40 years is celebrating with a trip to Bali that is telling him through his page Instagram. The actress, in fact, he's 40 years old and they're celebrating with a post in which he recovered to jump in the characteristic Hindu Temple of Lempuyang: “The metamorphosis. It takes time. In what I'll turn in now?”

Vanessa Incontrada, tears in direct. Its vent against those who hurt her

The beautiful presenter of the Spanish crying at the end of the monologue on the perfection that does not exist. Tender dedication to her husband Rossano: "I found a special man"

Lory Del Santo: “The friendship between a man and a woman only exists if the woman is ugly”

Lory Del Santo stepped to the microphones de “The moody blues” the night program of Radio Two, hosted by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Ciancio, live from Monday to Friday from midnight-thirty to six. The showgirl, has spoken of the friendship between a man and a woman, for the future, but also of her parents and the loss of his father.

The birthday of Aurora Ramazzotti, the pictures of the party (without dad Eros)

Could not miss a great party for the 23rd birthday of Aurora Ramazzotti. Missed the father but were present for the mom Michelle Hunziker and her husband Tomaso Trussardi, the inseparable friend, Sara, Daniel and of course the boyfriend Geoffrey Cerza, at the side of Aurora for over three years.

Loredana Bertè: “We hid in the attic Mimi for a year”

Guest: "True", the singer returns to talk about the relationship with her sister Mia Martini passed away in 1995

Jason Derulo gifted: “An anaconda”, Instagram the censorship and a porn site offering 500 thousand dollars

As reported by the Sun, a company that produces porn video would have proposed to the singer to pose in underwear for $ 500,000, considered to be the sensation that has raised the photos of its forms censored by Instagram. According to the social the content was too sensitive to be online, but Derulo has good grip and with irony, he replied: “they Are my size, what can I do with it?”

Ilaria D’amico: “Gigi has asked me many times to marry him, but…”

Guest: "True", the journalist and presenter tells the story of the relationship with the footballer. The two make a pair for 5 years and have a son, Leopold, born in 2016

Costanza Caracciolo: “I Look for another girl, and Vieri is in seventh heaven”

The ad a year and a month after the birth of a Star, the first daughter from the ex-player