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Raz Degan is confessed most True: “Yes, I have a new love”

The actor and model celebrates 25 years of the commercial that made him famous. In the interview, reveals the name of her new flame

Belen Rodriguez, the call-and-response with a fan on the jealousy of De Martino

"Let's just say that if it is given a reason to see me in costume! Otherwise he would not have married me!"

“No love affair with Eros, Carolina Stramare denies everything

Miss Italy publish on Instagram in the denial of the speculation that would see it close to the roman singer

Roberto Farnesi, the end of a nightmare for the protagonist of “The paradise of the lord”

The charming actor reveals to have been the victim of stalking by a fan. Now think about the future with his Lucya

The special relationship between Dakota Johnson and “father” Antonio Banderas and the other gossip of the week

From the beautiful words of Banderas on the relationship with the daughter of the ex Melanie Griffith, the stratagem that has helped Kate Middelton to go to the pub with the parents of the classmates of George and Charlotte, up to the new photos of the twins of Monaco. All that, perhaps, you have lost

Cyberbullying against Alexandra Grant, the partner of Keanu Reeves: “it Looks like Helen Mirren”

Alexandra Grant criticized on social to be simply herself: “it Seems as old as Helen Mirren”. But there are those who defends it: “it Is only envy, are a very beautiful couple”. The woman who stole the heart of Keanu Reeves is the most envied at the moment, especially from the fans of the actor of “the Matrix” and “John Wick”.

Ambra Angiolini presents the daughter Jolanda Renga, the fans: “You have the same smile”

Ambra Angiolini, presented her daughter Jolanda Renga on Instagram: “Dress in ‘way of smiles’ and I think I want to stay forever”. The photo became full of like and comments: “You are equal, you have the same smile”. And there are those who note: “The girl has taken the best from both parents.”

Who is Angelina Lacour, the sweetheart Ball Ebbasta

A model who lives between Paris, Milan and Ibiza, the sensual Angelina Fiol Lacour has made inroads in the heart of the superstar trap. They met in the summer of 2019 in the Balearic island frequented by celebrities and then make a steady couple. A new bombshell after the past flirt with Taylor, the Mega.

Roberto Farnesi: “In 50 years I want a son. I have been a victim of stalking”

Roberto Farnesi is one of the best actors known to the Italian public, now starring in the hit television series “the paradise of The Lord.” In an interview to the weekly People, the 50-year-old tuscan told of being haunted by a fan, bringing the matter in court. There have been references to his love story with the young Lucya Balastro from which he has declared of wanting a son.

Fabio Fognini: “I and Flavia are expecting a baby girl. I would never wish for my sons tennis career”

Guest: "True", the champion sportsman tells the story between career and private life