Inaki Urdangarin to get 25,000 euros/month from Infanta Cristina.


The Divorce of Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin

The definitive dissolution of the marriage of Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, which would have celebrated their 26 years of marriage, is around the corner. At least, this is what journalist Juan Luis Galiacho has assured in the program ‘Cuatro al Día’. The director of the website explained that “the divorce is already about to be signed because all the details have been finalized and the agreement has been settled, but we don’t know the exact date because it will be signed outside of Spain, in Switzerland”.

The Financial Implications of the Divorce

According to the sources handled by this digital medium, Urdangarin “has received approximately half of the amount that corresponds to him as part of the inventory that is usually made in marital separations”. Galiacho maintains that this amount is 2 million euros, of which the former athlete would have received approximately half so far: one million euros. Don Juan Carlos has been decisive for the divorce of Cristina to move forward. In addition to this important indemnity, 25,000 euros per month that Iñaki will receive from the signing of the document certifying the end of the marriage of the younger sister of King Felipe, an amount that the veteran journalist had already contemplated a few months ago. “Since June, Urdangarin has received 6,000 each month,” added Galiacho, acknowledging that it is not known how long the former Duke of Palma will receive the new and high remuneration, apparently funded by King Juan Carlos, whom Iñaki personally saw in Switzerland last June, after several years without any contact.

The Significance of the Divorce

Find out more details about the significance of Urdangarin’s divorce and Infanta Cristina’s life after the split by reading the new magazine.


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