Måneskin Streetwear: Damiano & Ethan Like the Olsen Twins in NYC Robes


Måneskin: A Homage to Popstars

In 2003, on the stage of the MTV Music Awards, Madonna and Britney Spears exchanged an intense kiss in front of the world, destined to become iconic. Twenty years later, at the same award ceremony, something similar took place, with Damiano David and Ethan Torchio – blond for the occasion – who kissed each other on the red carpet and then posted the video on social media, tagging the two legendary popstars.

Måneskin Immortalized in the Streets of New York

But this is not the only Måneskin reference this week, which saw them triumph in the Best Rock category and receive enthusiastic praise from the New York Times Magazine: the frontman and the drummer, again them, were immortalized in the streets of New York in a bathrobe. Yes, in the street, smiling, with only two towels and the black high-heeled boots worn during the performance. The quotation this time is cinematic, and the solution is in the caption: New York Minute, a 2004 comedy released in Italy with the title A Crazy Day in New York. The homage, therefore, is to the Olsen twins Ashley and Mary-Kate, who in that film were the protagonists and played two sisters of opposite character who find themselves in absurd situations in the American metropolis, including staying in the street in a bathrobe. Fun and complicit, Damiano and Ethan were photographed walking with a drink in their hand, then in front of a classic foodtrack. No trace of Victoria and Thomas, respectively bassist and guitarist, the other two members of the band.

Måneskin Rush! World Tour

Anyway, the time to spend together will certainly not be lacking: from now until December, in fact, the Måneskin will perform all over the world with their much awaited Rush! World Tour. From the United States to South America, from Australia to Japan, and then back to Europe before Christmas: many opportunities for new funny references.


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