Emanuele Filiberto, Clotilde Courau: Love Stronger than a Flirtation?


Celebrating 20 Years of Marriage

The heir to the House of Savoy, Emanuele Filiberto, and his wife Clotilde Courau, will celebrate their twentieth anniversary this year. They got married on September 25th 2003, and were blessed with two daughters: Vittoria and Luisa. In view of this important milestone, Emanuele spoke of his family and rumors that sometimes put him in crisis – with the French-born actress, due to alleged infidelities. In the past, two alleged flirts especially dominated the pages of the gossip columns: in 1992 with Francesca Dellera, in 2010 with Kate Moss.

Mutual Trust and Forgiveness

Much more recently, last July, a magazine published a photo in which Emanuele is seen kissing the singer Nadia Lanfranconi, ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson, on the mouth. Pressed by Silvia Toffanin about the rumors of his alleged infidelities, Emanuele, without taking sides, declared: “I have friends, both male and female. Clotilde and I have great mutual trust, of course there have been difficult moments in 20 years of marriage, it is inevitable”. Toffanin, however, pointed out that it is difficult to see the heir to the House of Savoy together with his wife, and he clarified: “We are together as much as possible, but not too much, she is often on tour, our daughters are abroad, so we often find ourselves all in England”. Emanuele admitted that his marriage has had its ups and downs, “but the important thing is to protect each other, because that is what a couple is. I do not regret a single second of my life with Clotilde. We have grown up together and are accomplices. After 20 years we have reached a rightful maturity. To a better relationship than what there was at the beginning “.

Clotilde’s Rare Interview

The hostess went back to the attack: “Have you had to forgive each other something in life?” “I ask for forgiveness and thanks every day,” he replied, dodging the question, Emanuele Filiberto. Assuring then that he would forgive a betrayal “because love is much stronger than a fling”. Toffanin closed the interview with malicious words: “I have always said that Clotilde is a saint, I must talk to her, without you”. It won’t be easy. The actress is known for her reserve. However, a couple of years ago, in a very rare interview, she also wanted to make it clear about the recurring rumors of crisis with her husband. To reiterate all the love that binds them: “With Emanuele we are deeply different, but at the same time we are sincerely united. We are a family, we have two wonderful daughters, helping them to build a future is very important to us two. Life is not a fairy tale, but a struggle. And those who, like us, live in reality know it very well … Love is ultimately a continuous building through open dialogue, empathy, dedicating oneself to each other, even through differences … I deeply love Emanuele and this will be for life.”


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