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Venice, Federica Pelligrini: “The people of spala m**a and we talk, we must begin to protect her,”

Also Federica Pellegrini has wanted to comment on the terrible situation faced by the city of Venice in these days of rains unstoppable. The olympic champion writes a message quite strong on his profile on Instagram, with which he encourages all to take notice of climate change, in order to prevent disasters that destroy the city, the lives of the people and our history.

Lodovica Comello pregnant, the announcement on Instagram: “It’s a male”

The presenter of Italia's Got Talent, Lodovica Comello announced to her fans expecting a boy. Only a few weeks ago the presenter had surprised all of his followers claiming to be pregnant, and now has also passed on this great news, always supported by her husband Tomas Goldschmidt.

Stefania Orlando: “On the social ask me about everything, I even offer money to get beat up”

Stefania Orlando was the host of the radio program “One day a sheep”. The showgirl has told to the conductors of Radio1 many requests as absurd as the reach on social, and sometimes even a little spicy, which is always subtracted. Finally, could not miss a reference to her husband Simon Gianlorenzi, whom she married July of this year.

The ‘yellow’ of Silvio Muccino carpenter in Umbria

The indiscretion of the weekly Who is denied by the agency of the actor and the director. Pity that the journal directed by Alfonso Signorini raises

Taylor Mega banned from Tik Tok: here is the video too hot

The influencers of 25-year-old captured on camera as he exits the pool at the resort. And the chinese application delete all

Raffaele Sollecito has a new girlfriend, who reveals: “Everything is born from my likeness with Amanda Knox”

The boy, who was unjustly accused of Meredith's murder, finds herself the smile next to Andreea Mihaela Ghorghe, student, 22-year-old Romanian roma

Teo Mammucari, here is the duet irresistible with her daughter Julia (as Thais)

On Instagram, the conductor performed on the notes of 'Destination Paradise' along with the girl played by the former tissue

Tommaso Zorzi and coming out: “Michelle Hunziker the first to which I said”

The best friend of Aurora Ramazzotti has spoken for the first time openly about his homosexuality with the showgirl switzerland

Barbara d’urso from the small: “I Open for you the album of memories”. You recognize it? (PHOTO)

62 years of age, the host of 'Afternoon 5' and 'Live' shows to the followers of Instagram a cute shot of his childhood

Paola Ferrari shock: “I found out I have a brother when he was already dead”

Host of 'Italian Stories', a sports journalist, reveals a dramatic story that leads into the heart: "I can't reveal his identity in order not to hurt the man that raised him"